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  • ​You want to be healthier but the thought of eating dry chicken and broccoli all day makes you want to poke your eyeballs out
  • ​ You’ve worked with trainers or nutritionists in the past but they never understood Desi food so it didn’t work out
  • ​You're super busy and need quick, easy meals that taste delicious 

10% of sales will be donated to Give India to support COVID relief efforts in India. Funds will be used to provide oxygen, PPE, food, and more to those in need.


50 Mouth-watering, healthy recipes for all cooking levels

90% Vegetarian recipes (80% egg-free). Substitutions for dairy and egg provided for all relevant recipes

High-protein snacks, both savory and sweet

3 High-Protein Chaat Recipes

5 Healthy Desserts and 8 High-Protein breakfasts.

Recipes under 100, 200, 300, and 400 calories


  • How to Build Balanced Desi Meals: DOs and DON'TS
  • ​Healthy Desi Carb, Fat, and Protein Sources
  • ​Vegetarian Protein Hacks
  • ​Mindful Eating Tips and Tricks
  • ​Easy Meal Planning Worksheet and Grocery Shopping Lists 

BONUS INSIDE: How to Track Calories With Desi Food Guide

For those interested, you can learn:
  •  How to correctly input South Asian dishes into calorie tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal
  •  How to estimate smartly when other people are cooking 
  • ​Examples of how to correctly track daal, roti, vegetable sabzi, and chicken curry
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NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Founder & CEO, The Boss Body Revolution

Hi! I'm Dee.  I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and I've helped hundreds of South Asian women improve their health and fitness without giving up the food they love.

I created The Fit Desi Food Guide because I was tired of seeing people feel like they have to eat nothing but eat dry chicken and broccoli if they want to be fit. 

I struggled with a negative relationship with food for many years. After a lot of education and learning, I learned how to build a balanced lifestyle incorporating my favorite dishes. I made it my mission to help others do the same.

The Fit Desi Food Guide will help you learn exactly how to eat to feel your best!


  • Kesar-badam overnight oats
  • ​Jalapeño Cheddar egg white muffin cups 
  • Gajjar halwa oats
  • ​​Whole grain chili cheese toast
  • ​​​​High-protein kaati rolls 
  •  ​Baked jalapeño poppers
  • ​Meatless keema masala 
  • ​Spinach-garlic protein naan
  • ​Mango-edamame chaat 
  • ​Egg chaat
  • ​Hariyali fish
  • ​Air-fried  dahi puri
  • ​Tandoori shrimp
  • ​Moong protein chilla 
  • ​High protein hakka noodles
  • ​Tofu 65
  • ​Chocolate chia pudding
  • ​Homemade protein bars
  • ​Cookie dough protein barfi
  • ​High protein kulfi cups


Are there vegetarian / vegan recipes?
Yes! 90% of the recipes in this guide are vegetarian, 80% of the recipes are egg-free, and all relevant recipes include dairy and/or egg substitutions for vegans. There is also an entire section dedicated to vegetarian + vegan protein tips. 
Are there gluten-free recipes? 
Yes, 95% of the recipes are gluten-free or can be made using a gluten-free substitute such as gluten-free flour, breadcrumbs, or bread. 
Are the recipes PCOS-friendly? 
Yes! The recipes in here include high protein, high fiber, slow-digesting meals which are helpful for those with PCOS.
If I eat meat, can I add meat to the vegetarian recipes? 
Yes, the majority of the vegetarian recipes can be modified to add meat. For example, the meatless keema can easily be made with ground turkey or chicken and tastes delicious. Tofu 65 can easily be made into Chicken 65 with the same sauce. Most paneer dishes can easily be swapped for egg, chicken, or other meats. I wrote the recipes with vegetarian bases because it's often easier for meat-eaters to add meat to vegetarian dishes than the other way around.
Are there meal plans inside? 
We do not give out restrictive meal plans, because they are not sustainable. However this guide does include an easy-to-use meal template, and a weekly meal-planning worksheet that you can fill out to help you plan out your meals for the week and stay on track. 
How is this different from BBR coaching?
The Boss Body Revolution Coaching Program is my hands-on 1:1 coaching program. It comes with personalized plans, support, and accountability from a coach on our team to make sure you see results.  

The Fit Desi Food Guide is a PDF download that you can read through on your own to get started with healthy eating. 

Please note: If you are a current coaching client, you will receive a copy of The Fit Desi Food Guide for FREE. If you are a PAST client, you can receive a 10% discount (please DM on Instagram or email me for past client discount code). If you’re interested in BBR coaching, Click here to apply.
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10% of Sales Will be Donated to Give India for COVID Relief Efforts.

PDF Will be Delivered to Your Inbox instantly!

Who Is The BBR Nutrition Course For?

✔️You want to finally shed, fat, tone up, and lose the "stubborn fat:" Especially on your hips, thighs, and stomach. (Nutrition is the secret to this!)

✔️You want to eat real food (not salads and dry chicken) and incorporate the foods you love in moderation (chocolate, cookies, pizza) without feeling hungry, restricted, and miserable.

✔️You have a busy lifestyle and want to learn how to make healthier eating choices despite the hectic schedule and life (even when you're getting takeout or going out after work).

✔️You want to actually feel more energized, full, and not hungry all the time (especially when 3pm rolls around!)

✔️And... most importantly: You want to enjoy your life: Wine & cheese nights with your friends, travel, date night, while still reaching your goals and losing weight.

✔️You want a self-paced, do-it-yourself program that teaches you about nutrition and weight loss instead of following a diet plan blindly 

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By The End Of This Course You Will...

1. Shed fat, tone up, and feel more energized all the time.

Nutrition is the KEY to achieving these goals. 

2. Learn exactly what to eat and how much to fuel your body while shedding fat sustainably

How many calories do you need? How much protein? How many carbs? What is intuitive eating?
You will learn the tools to SUSTAIN your lifestyle forever.

3. Deal with cravings, stress eating, and emotional eating without binging and feeling guilty

No more slipping up and beating yourself yourself up the next day. We will go over in great detail why these scenarios happen and how to prevent them.

4. Learn how to adjust your nutrition so you don't get stuck in a plateau

You will continue to see steady progress once we are done together.

5. Build habits to keep the weight off for good

So you don't waste your time here just go re-gain all the weight back. This weight is going to STAY OFF.