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“This program was the most helpful thing I’ve ever done... and I’ve done them all.”

I never thought I would ever be that person who prioritizes working out over anything else. Or says no to the free chocolate on the plane. Or that I’d be able to wear crop tops. Or that I could rock climb. Or ever do a full-body push-up. Or…The list went on. If I failed at something I tried for the first time, it joined that list. But Dee helped me tear up these restrictions and face my fears head on. Her program has been the most helpful thing I’ve ever tried to control my health (and I’ve done it all, from personal trainers, expensive and cheap gym memberships, group fitness, weight training class in college, at-home programs, weight-loss challenges, calorie counting). I’m so grateful for Dee for helping me through the long list of things I thought I’d never be able to do, and for transforming my attitude to keep going for things I previously only dreamed of. – Keerti K.