Ready to Shed Fat, Get Lean, and Feel Incredible in All Your Clothes?

 (WITHOUT starving yourself, cutting out your favorite foods, or spending hours at the gym?)

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Group coaching spots are currently FULL. Our next set of Group Coaching Spots will be opening in late AUGUST.
We are taking early bird deposits for these spots now, so if you're interested you can apply now!


Spots are limited and are filling fast! Apply Now:

Ready to Shed Fat, Get Lean, and Feel Incredible in all your Clothes?

(...WITHOUT Starving Yourself, Cutting Out Your Favorite Foods, or Spending Hours at the Gym?) 

Apply for Coaching With The BBR


Group coaching spots are currently FULL. Our next set of Group Coaching Spots will be opening in late AUGUST.
We are taking early bird deposits for these spots now, so if you're interested you can apply now!


Spots are limited and are filling fast! Apply Now:

  • You feel like a stranger in your own body:
    You avoid taking photos and avoid looking in the mirror when getting dressed. You are constantly comparing your body to other women, feeling like you fall short. You don’t feel like the confident, powerful woman you know you are inside.

  • You want to lose weight, but nothing has worked.
    You've tried #allthethings. Cutting carbs. Keto. Fasting. Every diet results in a giant carb binge when you can’t stick to it anymore (#gimmethebread). 

  • You hit the cookies when life gets stressful.
    It often feels like something uncontrollable takes over you and you just can't stop eating no matter how hard you try. You feel like you have zero “willpower” around food, especially when cravings strike. (And they strike a lot).

  • You constantly feel exhausted and have zero motivation to workout.
    You have a hectic schedule and struggle to make fitness a priority, especially after a long day at work. 

  • You don’t feel confident in your cute dresses, jeans, and other outfits anymore
    You've stopped wearing the clothes you used to love. You hide yourself under baggy outfits and you feel uncomfortable before social events because of how you feel in your body.

  • You’ve been yo-yo-ing in weight for years, and can’t take it any longer.
    You lose 5lbs only to gain back 10. You’re sick of starting a new diet every Monday and ready to see change that lasts.

  • It feels like despite ALL your success and accomplishments, your body is the one area of your life you don't have under "control."
    You're wondering: I'm so successful in other areas--why can’t I just figure this thing out? 
You feel...
Frustrated. Stuck. Panicked. 
"Why does weight loss seem SO easy for other women?"
"How can all my friends eat whatever they want without gaining a pound?"
"Why can't I just get my habits under control?"

Now, close your eyes and imagine if...

You finally broke free from this war against your body, and felt confident in your clothes again?

You stopped struggling on diets that don't work, and actually achieved the lean, toned, physique you desire? 

You woke up every day and LOVED the strong woman you saw in the mirror?

You learned how to enjoy all your favorite foods while still melting fat away?

You woke up every day feel energized and alive, instead of sluggish and slow?

You felt strong, confident, and powerful in your skin every. single. day?

This is So Possible For You... 
With the Right Methods.

Let's Chat. Why do SO Many Women Fail with Weight Loss?

If you're here, you've probably tried to lose weight before. And it didn't work. Maybe you lost a few lbs... only to re-gain it back (and then some) when life got stressful. 

What gives? 

Is it your metabolism? Is it your willpower? Do you just have no self control?

Truth is: None of those are the issue. The REAL reasons that SO many women struggle to lose weight are:
  • ​They use an overly restrictive approach. (eg. "I'm never eating carbs again")
    This rigid, "all-or-nothing" mindset leads them to binge when they inevitably can't stick to their diet (#gimmethepizza). They end up gaining weight, not losing it, having a terrible relationship with food, and feeling even worse in their bodies than when they started. 

  • They don't have a personalized method
    They try and copy random workout or diet plans from the internet, without realizing that their body is unique. The way you eat and train needs to be unique too, if you want to see lasting results.

  • ​​They don't examine the REAL reasons they eat...
    Hi, stress eating. Hi, social pressure. Hi, being a foodie (aka - I'm only around it once and I need to try this). Without a clear understanding of the psychology behind their behaviors and how to re-wire them permanently, these women remain trapped in cycles of overeating and dieting trying to "make up for it."

  • ​​They have no support and accountability
    When life gives them a roadblock, they get frustrated and give up. They have no one to support them, make sure they're on the right track, and ensure they're seeing steady weight-loss each week. 

  • They don't build lasting habits
    They focus on quick fix programs over long-term sustainability. When their program ends, they don’t know how to eat “normally" or workout on their own without re-gaining the weight back.

    ... They end up yo-yo-ing, rebounding, and re-gaining all the weight RIGHT back after they lose it.

Truth is? The weight loss industry is broken. Most women are trapped in this cycle of yo yo dieting, failing, and feeling frustrated with themselves... for life


It's NOT another diet you can't stick to.

It’s transforming your RELATIONSHIP with food.
(and your body, and exercise).

And it’s building HABITS that last for life.


After struggling with my body and food for 10+ years, I realized something had to change in this industry. I created the BBR to bring lasting change to the way women lose weight.

 We are an online coaching studio that specializes in helping women shed body-fat, get leaner and stronger, and improve their relationship with food & body, for life. 

Our signature coaching method combines personalized nutrition and fitness coaching with food psychology tools and sustainable habit building, so our clients lose weight and keep it off... for good.
BBR Founder and Head Coach, Dee Gautham 
NASM CPT, ACE FNS, 200+ women coached
  • Flexible, personalized nutrition coaching you can actually stick to (yes - even when eating out, traveling, and visiting your family who loves to feed you). 

  • ​Effective workouts you enjoy that get you strong and toned (no more endless cardio to “burn things off").

  • Re-wiring your mindset for permanent weight loss (Finally stop self sabotaging. Seriously!)

  • ​Sustainable HABITS that last forever (so you don’t re-bound and gain the weight back). 

  • ​Support and accountability to make sure you’re always on track to your goals. (No more falling off the wagon when life gets nuts. We're here to be give you tough love when you need a little push).

  • ​Education and Empowerment: You won't be following random plans blindly. You'll know WHY you're doing everything + how to sustain your results for life.
Ready to Get Lean, Toned, and Confident? 

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Step 1: Book your consultation call

Step 2: Talk to our team to see if you're a good fit

Step 3: Lose weight, keep it off, and feel incredible in your body and clothes

How Does The BBR Coaching Work?

After you are accepted into our program you will be paired with your personal coach based on your unique goals, preferences, and experience: Either Coach Dee or Coach Ankita, who are both Certified Personal Trainers. Your coach will conduct an initial assessment with you, and will create a custom program unique to your body, lifestyle, and goals. We offer group coaching and private coaching options:

Group Coaching

Great for women who want the added support of a team of like-minded women going through this journey together, while still having the guidance and clarity from a coach to reach your goals. 
  • Personalized workout plans to get you strong and toned
  • ​Personalized nutrition game-plan and macronutrient coaching 
  • ​Online Boss Body Nutrition + Mindset Course
  • ​BBR Recipe Guides + Snack Guides (Vegetarian or Non-veg)
  • ​Online community of BBR members
  • ​Personal progress monitoring and adjustments by your coach to ensure you're on track
  • Weekly GROUP Coaching session
  • ​Group chat with your team and coaching during the week to stay on track 

Private Coaching

Great for women who want a more intimate coaching environment, 1:1 access to their coach, and lots of hands on support during their journey.    
  • Personalized workout plans to get you strong and toned
  • Personalized nutrition game-plan and macronutrient coaching
  • ​Online Boss Body Nutrition + Mindset Course
  • ​Recipe Guides + Snack Guides (Vegetarian or Non-veg)
  • ​Online community of BBR members
  • ​Personal progress monitoring and adjustments by your coach to ensure you're on track
  • ​​Weekly PRIVATE coaching session
  • 1:1 Text / Voice access to your coach during the week to stay on track
Who Is The BBR Coaching For? 
✔️ You want a proven plan that works for your to lose body-fat and get stronger   

✔️You are struggling with the "stubborn fat:" on your hips, thighs, and stomach

✔️ You want to eat real food while losing weight (no dry chicken and broccoli)

✔️ You want to feel more energized and alive again, instead of sluggish and slow 

✔️ You want daily accountability and motivation to make sure you’re on track to your weight loss goals

✔️ You are sick and tired of yo yo dieting and want a sustainable, healthy approach to weight loss

✔️ You want to actually enjoy your life while losing weight (hello date nights, wine and cheese with friends, and traveling)

✔️ You are ready to commit to transformation and show up for your goals

✔️You want to feel confident in all your clothes without thinking twice

✔️You understand that your relationship with food and your body is JUST as important as what you eat for fat loss

Sound Like You? Hit the button below and let's get you feeling lean, toned, and confident 

Meet The BBR Coaches:

BBR Founder & Head Coach

Dee Gautham is the Founder and Head Coach here at the Boss Body Revolution. After overcoming a 10+ year struggle with disordered eating and body image, Dee realized that the weight loss industry was completely broken, and centered around extremes that make women worse off than when they started. She made it her mission to transform the weight loss industry by using evidence-based methods and food psychology to help women lose weight sustainably and effectively. Dee is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and has personally 200+ women worldwide. She lives in San Francisco, CA. Her favorite food is samosas.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Ankita Roy is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and is also currently getting her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Ankita has been on Dee’s coaching team for 2+ years supporting clients globally. Ankita loves empowering women as well as studying movement science, and chose to get certified in Personal Training and Physical Therapy to blend her passion and purpose. She loves designing workouts that are fun and effective at the same time. Ankita currently lives in Roanoake, VA. Her favorite indulgence is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, which she always keeps in her freezer. 

PN Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer 2020

Mallorie Nuttall is an PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach Trainer and is also currently getting her NASM Certification in Personal Training. Mallorie loves helping women transform their relationship with food, build healthy habits, and achieve lasting health transformation. After struggling with her own body image, relationship with food, and food choices, Mallorie became extremely passionate about helping women break free from yo yo dieting, quick fixes, and fads, and figure out what works for their unique body to achieve sustainable change and true confidence. Mallorie currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her favorite indulgences are dark Truffle Bars or Salt & Straw Freckled Mint TCHO-colate Chip Ice Cream 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Class of 2020 Coach

Natalie Shortsleeve is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who has been training clients for 4+ years. She studied Nutrition at the American Academy of Personal Training and has years of experience working both in women’s-only gyms and with online clients. She is also pre and post-natal certified. Natalie used to work in the corporate world in the legal industry, and has experienced first-hand the struggles of balancing fitness and health with a high-stress work life. After going through her own weight loss transformation, Natalie found her true passions lied in personal training and helping women achieve strength and confidence in their bodies. She quit her job to pursue a career in personal training. Today, Natalie has worked with a huge range of clients who have seen tremendous changes—including one who achieved an over 100lbs weight loss! Natalie is from Boston, MA. Her favorite indulgence are fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie recipe—her recipe is famous amongst her friends!

Level 3 Personal Training diploma; Level 2 certificate in fitness instruction

Mara Hafezi Personal Trainer and certified fitness instructor based in London, UK (she takes clients internationally!) Mara loves working with women who want to transform their confidence through fitness, develop a healthy lifestyle, and break out of their comfort zones. Fitness transformed her confidence and helped her break out of her comfort zone in so many ways, through doing multiple marathons and an ironman triathlon. She is really passionate about helping other women discover what their bodies can do, love their bodies more, and develop strength and confidence inside and outside of the gym. Her favorite indulgence is dark chocolate.
How much weight will I lose?
On average a healthy and steady rate of weight loss we aim for with women is roughly ~1-2lbs a week. Some women lose more than this, while others lose less--this is just an average. This is a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss! Anything more than this, and you are at risk of rebounding rapidly. However please note this is never linear, and your results will range a lot depending on where you are at now and your current level of leanness. Your results are also determined by your effort, adherence, and consistency!
I've never worked with an online coach before. How's it different from an in-person trainer?
Many women love our online programs, because we are able to support you with both the fitness and nutrition aspect of your weight loss journey, as well as coach you to build healthy habits: Something that you don't usually get with an in-person trainer, who focuses primarily on the technical portions of exercise. Our coaching programs are highly personalized to your unique needs and goals. If you're a beginner in the gym, we provide detailed workout videos of each move in your plan to ensure you're doing all the moves correctly. and form reviews to make sure you are you are doing the moves safely. You'll also be fully supported in real-time with our community of members and coaches all around the world. With online coaching, we provide just enough support for you to succeed, while still ensuring that you are self-sustaining to see results that last for a lifetime. 
Do you work with vegetarians / vegans? 
Yes! We have many vegetarian and vegan clients. We teach you a flexible eating style unique to YOUR body and preferences. 
Will this work if I have PCOS or Hypothyroidism? 
Yes! While is NOT medical treatment or advice, we have many women who have PCOS and Hypothyroidism go through our program, and lose weight successfully. Many women in our program have found that their PCOS symptoms greatly reduce once they lose weight. If you have questions around your specific condition, please email or send Dee a DM on Instagram: (@dee_gautham).   
I’ve tried a lot of programs and failed. How will I know this works for me?
I would investigate - What specifically have you tried in the past and why hasn’t it worked? Most women who failed on programs do so because they aren’t sustainable, they weren’t staying consistent, they were stress / emotionally eating, or they simply weren’t eating the right amount for their bodies to lose weight. 

Our approach has worked for over hundreds of women around the world, and is personalized to YOU. We teach you exactly how to eat for YOUR unique body, lifestyle, and goals. We are based in decades of psychology research and are tried and tested with hundreds of women.

Remember: Your brain will always come up with evidence as to why you shouldn't take action and stay in your comfort zone. This is it's job. If you're serious about making a change, it's time to try something new. 
I travel a lot. Will coaching work for me? 
Yup! We teach you how to eat in a flexible way, so you can travel and eat out while still seeing progress towards fat loss. Many of the women in our program travel frequently, and see incredible results to shed fat, and get leaner.
I have a busy schedule and am not sure I have time to eat healthy and workout. Will coaching work for me? 
Yes - We understand that healthy eating is one part of your life, not the only part. We make sure you understand how to make the best choice in whatever situation you're in: Whether that's ordering takeout late at the office, going to happy hour with your friends, or cooking at home. Many of our clients are busy professional women, working moms. and have hectic schedules. 
How will I be supported and accountable?
You will be fully supported via your personal coach: Either via private coaching, or group coaching, Your coach will monitor your progress weekly to ensure you are seeing results, and make adjustments as necessary. In addition to your coach, we also have a members-only Facebook community led by Dee and the team of coaches at the Boss Body Nutrition Revolution. In the private community, you can find accountability partners, ask questions, swap recipes, and checkin for daily accountability check-ins. We provide a LOT of support, and want to see you succeed! 
How much is the investment for coaching? 
We have a few programs at different price points and payment plans. On your discovery call, if you're a good fit we will invite you in and share all these details with you!

I've never invested in myself before. How do I overcome this mindset block?
It can feel scary to take a leap outside your comfort zone. Your brain doesn't like change, and will do everything it can hold you back. But remember, nothing is going to change if nothing changes!  For most of the women in our program, personal coaching was the first investment they made in themselves and the best decision they have made, because their life and confidence transformed forever. Please remember that your health is an investment not an expense -- and you are worthy and deserving of becoming the best version of yourself!

Ready to shed fat, get lean, and feel incredible in all your clothes? 
Results Like These ARE Typical:

Watch: How Maria dropped 2 dress sizes and stopped stress eating

Watch: How Megan lost 8lbs of bellyfat and wore a bodycon dress with confidence

Watch: How Saher lost 25lbs and transformed her confidence

Watch: How Stephanie changed her eating habits and stopped emotional eating for good

Watch: How Aishwarya lost 60lbs and transformed her life forever

Watch: How Sherry got in shape for her wedding

"I no longer feel trapped by all or nothing diet mentalities"

I have a much better understanding of healthier food choices for my body type and fitness level.

"I lost 8 lbs and feel more confident in all my clothes"

I immediately saw and felt results when I worked with Dee. 

"I was actually eating carbs" 

Something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months. And I still felt great, not super bloated or heavy.
“I wore a bikini with confidence for the first time in years.”
I no longer feel clueless about nutrition! I’ve loved learning about flexible dieting, calories, being aware of my binge triggers and most of all I LOVE knowing how to calculate my macro intake! Towards the end of the program, I went on holiday and wore a bikini with confidence for the first time in years. I still have a way to go, but I’m happy and armed with some serious skills. Dee has taught me well : ) 
– Naveen S.
“This program took all the guess work out of weight loss.”
Shedding fat was no longer a mysterious phenomena, but rather a challenge that could be tackled with the appropriate approach and tools. I had done a fair amount of the emotional work beforehand, so everything we did related to mindset served to reinforce how crucial this is to how we as women feel in our skin, and her guidance related to macros and movement illuminated just how unique each of our needs are based on our bodies and our goals. After six short weeks, I felt like I had knowledge and tools, and a new belief in my own ability to execute, that would serve me for life. 
– Leena P. 
“I was actually eating carbs, something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months, and I still felt great”
I signed up for the program on my birthday. I had made a decision in January to get my health on track, and three months into the year, I felt like I was fluctuating between extremes. I wanted to feel more comfortable in the gym and also more aware of how to eat healthy consistently. I had spent most of February and early March either eating 1200 calories and burning 700 in workouts or binging. It was really hard for me to find balance. Within the first few days of Dee’s guidance and training I felt more centered and focused, I wasn’t as stressed about what I was eating or how much. I was actually eating carbs, something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months, and I still felt great, not super bloated or heavy. Dee’s program though is unique because of the component that is more than meal plans or workouts, it’s because of the mindset change. She has created a series of prompts to help her users truly question the root cause of their discomfort with their bodies. This awareness and realization of “why” and “how” I had been caught up in these cycles of weight loss and weight gain, why I hadn’t felt comfortable in my skin for the past decade and a half, why I hadn’t achieved my goals yet even after so much work of Atkins, Keto, Orange Theory, etc.

Dee has helped me realign my lifestyle with my goals of losing weight, eating to make my body more healthy, and seeing myself as a more confident and capable woman. This program was more than a diet or a workout, this was an entire rebranding. 
– Shama Gupta
“I’m finally able to change my diet and lose weight in a way that feels sustainable.”
I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve gone through periods of extreme calorie restriction and binge eating, especially when I was stressed out. I thought the only way I could lose weight was through extreme calorie restriction and cutting out all the foods I love. Dee understood exactly what I was going through and helped me develop a much healthier relationship with food. She taught me how to balance my diet so I could still enjoy the foods I love. I never felt hungry or like I was depriving myself of anything or losing out on my social life because I was dieting. I’ve also stopped turning to food whenever I’m stressed or upset. I’ve lost fifteen pounds so far! I still have a long way to go but with the tools Dee has given me, I’m finally able to change my diet and lose weight in a way that feels sustainable.  
– Hillary
Ready to Shed Fat, Get Lean, and Feel Incredible in Your Body?

PLEASE NOTE: Spots are limited and they are filling quickly. If you are interested in coaching, submit your application before we fill up!

There Are Two Paths in Front of You, Boss Woman:
(A) Continue the path you're on now.
Declare "I need to lose weight!" every 6 months, but fail each time because you don't have a sustainable approach.

Continue struggling to feel confident in your clothes. 

Continue staying stuck in the toxic cycle of dieting, binging, and yo-yo-ing in weight, that's holding your confidence back and making you lose trust in yourself....

Continue throwing money at expensive trainers and nutritionists who never teach you the SKILLS to sustain yourself long-term and have a healthy relationship with food for life...


(B) Click the link below and transform your body and life for good.
Shed fat and keep it off once and for all. Join hundreds of women to feel incredible in your skin yourself for life

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PLEASE NOTE: Our coaching spots are LIMITED and fill up quickly.